Thursday, January 24, 2008

8 Months Old

On Monday Jayla turned 8 months... Did she care about this time in her life??? Not really... She had a new toy and ended up getting some late christmas gifts but nothing phased her because she really just wanted to eat everything that mommy and daddy ate all day... Cant complain though, but i wish that she was the cute small little baby that i had that would sit still whenever i brought the camera out, but now she's a crawler and rather focus on other things... Gladly though she did sit still today in order for me to get some cute pics and i was grateful, but later i had to fight to get her to go to sleep!!!

I will post pictures later!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Jay-Jay'a FIrst Snow

So it actually snowed in Atlanta and that is a first for us since it almost never snows here and they are talking about it snowing tomorrow.... but we actually took pictures of her and i must admit i dont look so hot holding her while she is trying to figure out what in the world is going on
So here are the pics:

Jayla looking at cars driving by in the snow.... Can you see the big snow flake?

Jayla and I watching the snow fall down

We had a fun time in the snow.... And if it snows again tomorrow we will take more pictures... Better ones at least since I have my hair done now... lol

baby bumps

So yesterday Jayla scared the crap out of me....

She has been crawling and pulling herself up on everything now and she has an obsession with the tv stand... The tv is pushed to the back of the tv stand so I'm not afraid of that falling on her but I am afraid of her pulling herself up on the tv stand and then falling. I however cant keep her away because she loves anything that is on the tv so yesterday she did what I had been hoping she never would... She slipped and fell face first into the tv stand and has a huge welt on her head... How do you put ice on a baby's boo boo to make the swelling go down??? Well..... you don't... She wouldnt stay still in order to even work that out... Of course she didnt climb on her walking toy that time, but you never know with this kid of mines

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My 1st blog!!!

Ok so this is officially my first blog on this site.... I am use this as an outlet to discuss my life as a mommy... I am a first time mother of an almost 8 month old daughter... I havent had the easiest life with her being here and it takes a lot to adjust to.. I have to get use to the fact that there arent enough hours in the day to please everyone at everytime... I use to be the girly girl that gets up everyday and do their hair and pick out outfits and I realize now that I dont own that time anymore...

There are many days when I stay in my pjs or dont do my hair, but that time and energy goes to my daughter... I am a stay at home mom right now and I go to school part-time... I struggle with trying to make a relationship work and trying to keep up with a child who is constantly on the move... I just want a place to describe how things are going in my life and to document the times (good or bad) and hopefully it can help others out!