Friday, June 19, 2009

New Blog

I will no longer be posting to this blog.. I have a new one!! Please leave a comment so that I can follow your blogs!!! Thanks!!!


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Monday, April 13, 2009

we went to st louis

So we went to st louis, my hometown, for the weekend. We did so many things in such a short time, but I wished it was warmer so I could take Jayla to the zoo to see the animals. My daughter is truly an outdoor baby. She doesn't care how cold it is she just loves to stand outside, but I was not willing to let that happen and have a sick baby.

We did go out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants and they had an aquarium. Jayla just looked at all of the fish and the only word that could express her absolute joy at that moment was "Wow!" She repeated it over and over again. This was after she ate half of my dinner. Overall the experience was a great one, but I just wished it wasn't an 8 hour drive each way. It really annoyed my very active 22 month old. I can't believe Jayla will be 2 next month.

Monday, February 09, 2009

It's been like forever...

I haven't updated in so long and its not because I haven't wanted to I just don't have the time like I use to... I'm currently working full-time and taking a class online and I just am too tired to sit down and type anything... Jayla is getting so big and its weird that in about four months she will be two... Time has flown by so fast... We have been introducing the potty to her, but need to get on a more consistent schedule since she seems to be doing well with it... Jayla is also teething like crazy now... She has about five teeth trying to come through at one time... It's so crazy because her teeth never did this before... I have been getting no sleep due to this teething as well... Well I'm off to look up some stuff for school... Hopefully I can get back into the swing of trying to update this...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jayla's First Trip to Chuck E. Cheese

Jayla before we left the house....

Jayla on the Clifford the Big Red Dog Ride
Jayla watching Chuck E.... She loved the songs and videos that they played

Jayla with her sunglasses on...

So this weekend was one of the first times that we have actually gotten out with Jayla and took her to a kiddy place. She loved it even though she didn't interact with any of the other kids. She loved the stuffed Chuck E that sang songs with kids. She rode on the kiddy rides and had fun with that sucker the entire time. I didn't realize how much my little girl was growing up until I saw how I did her hair for the first time ever. I absolutely love my little girl and can't believe how much she has grown in the past three months.

Jayla can sing along to songs (not the actual words, but she can get a beat down pact and knows her favorite songs rhythms) and she dances all the time. She brings you her shoes when she is ready to leave the house and can walk up and down stairs. She talks all the time and although it doesn't make sense Brett and I find ourselves holding conversations with her all day long. She also just runs up to you to give you a hug or grabs your face to give you a kiss and it's the most adorable thing ever.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Updates Coming Soon

I know I haven't been on here updating as I should, but I promise in the next week or so I will start updating more...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Jayla and I

So I have been so busy lately with school and with taking care if Jayla that I haven't had the chance to even try to do anything like updating this blog... We haven't forgotten about those of you who read this and comment and I try to stay up to date on everyone's blog, but sometimes it is difficult to type with a little girl who is constantly trying to pull up on me and write everything that has been going on... Jayla is such a independant little girl and she likes to pull pillows off the couch... She also says tank you when you give her something or when she gives you something... She is teething really hard but only has five teeth to account for and we are still working on the sleep training, but I have pulled back on putting her in her crib because she wakes up and then decides to be up for like three hours and I need sleep...

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sleeping is a virtue that I kinda miss...

This picture was taken shortly after Jayla's first birthday when I was in the process of getting her to sleep in her own crib... And yes she has a hand-me down beanie baby collection that she would hate to not be in the crib with her since she needs to feel something against her to even sleep... I am still in the process of getting her to sleep through the night in her crib... It is definitely a challenge for the both of us because her daddy works nights so its just me by myself... I hate the fact that when I'm too tired I just break down and let her sleep with me in the bed, but I think its because I fall asleep faster than trying to keep her in the crib...
Last night she decided to wake up at 10:30pm and stay up until 2am.... How did she pass the time... By reading to mommy off of Moe's Southwest Grill Menu... It was cute but oh so tiring... I realized then that the virtue of sleep is something I miss when my beautiful daughter doesn't want to sleep and feel that her time is better spent reading me stories... Needless to say we both slept until 11:30am and now I am wondering what the schedule will be like tonight...